Adobe, with there creative suite and Microsoft office 365 have Monthly Pay.

But the fact is that More and more company goes to monthly pay.

So who is this good for, the user or the company? Well both actually.

For the company is a big increase in sales and profit. The sell the software cheaper, but the cost to get it out to the clients are very low, because mostly or if not all is as a download.

Some will comment that is not cheaper, but they are wrong. The difference is that before lots of people didn’t upgrade directly because they meant that the version they have was good enough.

If we example have a look on Adobe Creative Suite, the price is around $85-90/month. If we then counting that Adobe comes out with a big upgrade every 24-30 months, the price will then be around $2650 and thats cheaper then if you bought the Creative suite before.

For the user: Well, for once, you are always up to date, you don’t need to look for one illegal patch/crack and to be fair, if you use it you should pay for that.

I understand people that don’t use it very often, but you can almost always find a open source version that’s do most of your work.

So dont be cheeky, if you use it you should also be willing to pay for it, if not use a open source version of the software.