Will this silly Mobile War ever ends?

The Mobile War between Android and iPhone user are a ridicules, and for the people in my age take the thoughts to the early 80:th when you was added to a category depending if you liked the groups Sweet/kizz or the music style synth or rock/hard rock

I have used both systems…
Just now I’m using Android 4.4 on a One Plus One phone and iOS 8.1 on my iPad. Both system have their “ups and down”. So its comes down to what system you prefer.

When it comes to the phones…
Well iPhone is an expensive phone, and there is only one model. That’s have been upgraded. Compare with Androids that’s have lots of brands and models in all different prices.

When it comes to the technical part, iPhones are long way from the top models of Android, the top models for Androids have more or less the same price as one iPhone (except OPO that have their own price-class) but its much more advanced on camera, speed etc. etc.

Apps and use of the phone…
Some of the Android user say that they would never use an iPhone because its don’t accept flash or they don’t like Apple to decider what they can download. Well, both things is right, but its a stupid argument.

Flash is often to heavy to use on must phone, people that have Android, know very well that the phone need to work so much that it get warm and that’s never a good sign.
App-store, yes its right that Apple decider what you can download, but with that is also coming benefits. First its much more safe to download from Apple App store. And the second is that we don’t see so much shit that we do in Androids Google Play.

So what should you buy then… Well its up to each person, depending on what kind of money you are willing to spend and what’s system you prefer… Good luck in your choice.