Mobile Friendly is today very important when we talking SEO.

But is definitive not everything. Google start for one and a half years ago to implant mobile friendly in their SEO ranking.

They have even gone so far, that they have treat us with, if a site not are Mobil Friendly, it will not showing up in search result on mobiles. Well we are not there yet.

But today is it very important that your site will showing up good on mobile units, and that the site is working good and is quick, and that’s not only because SEO ranking.

The reports that coming every year show that we are using mobile and tablets more than ever, and nothing are pointed that this will go down over the next years.

Could anybody have missed this?

Even if there have been articles after articles about this, and nobody that are little interested in IT or people that work with web developing can have missed it.

Today I was asked if I could sort out a WordPress site for a client…

The client had bought a new theme (was released in September 2015) and it did not show up well on mobiles, but as he said, he didn’t want to redo the site, and want me to have a look if this could be easily sorted.

I was skeptic, for two reason… First a new WordPress theme, and it was not Mobil Friendly. Second, this would not be a easy fix if the theme was not prepared for this.

I got access, and was first reading about the theme, and it was very clearly stated that it was mobile friendly, but I did agree with the client, it did not look well on mobiles.

So I went in to the theme setting, and I was very surprised that there was one option that needed to be check.

“Do you want your site to be Mobil Friendly”

I can see any reason why nobody wouldn’t want to have their website prepared for mobile units. I can appreciate that you have the option, but not that it’s not default settings

Test how mobile-friendly your site is.

Google want to have all sites mobile friendly, and today, its surprising very many company that still don’t have their sites prepared for the mobile.

If you want to check your site, Google have two sites for this, one old one, but still working perfect, Click Here

And a new one released for some time ago, that’s also calculate the speed for you mobile Click Here