Can big Mobile Company do something together?

The big mobile company, Apple, Google, HTC, Nokia and Samsung have a new goal: To develop a standard for anti-theft features to their smartphones, and WebAlvarez can only say one word… Finnely.

The 8 big mobile comapny have agreed to a voluntary commitment with the new standard of anti-theft features to smartphones. On board on this, is also the five biggest U.S. mobil operators.

Starting in July 2015, phones from Apple, Google, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung to be equipped with several new security tools as a standard.

These security tools, will make it possible to remotely wipe all data on the phone if its get stolen. It will also be possible to lock the phone with a password that makes it completely unusable if an unauthorized person comes across it. The safety standards will also prevent the thief to reset your stolen phone to factory settings.

Later, if you had wipe all data remotely from you mobil, there will be a tool that can reset all the data on your lost phone if you get lucky and get it back.

Google and Apple allready have similar functionality through service as apps for Androids and in iPhone its coming pre-installed.

Agreement on the new standard its a long debate in the U.S., where manufacturers and operators received sharp criticism from users and not atleast the politicians.

State prosecutors in New York Eric Schneiderman, and Mark Leno, Senator of California, has gone out with an requirement that all mobile phones will be equipped with a “kill switch” to stop the trade of stolen mobiles.