Are Windows 10 simple another Windows version that we in a couple of years will remember as a shit-version?

Windows 10 was waited by many, but is it better then 7 or 8?

I’m one of the few that actually like the menu in windows 8, and when Windows 8,1 came, it was stable, and worked very well.

But most of the people never accepted the big changes they did to the menu. And the version was judge after that, and it was unfair. Whatever people said, Windows 8,1 was stable and worked well.

So why do then Microsoft try to force us to use Windows 10?

Windows 10 should be their new flagship, so why do they need to give it us for free? And when lots of people still don’t download it, why did they include it in the automatic update?

I’m a nerd, so I was already on the beta version. At first I was impressed, but it was not for long, everything was slow, I put it down to the beta, and was sure this would be fixed when the stable version was released

So when they went out to say it would be released for free, I signed up direct. The day came, and I got my link to download it, of course I was over the moon.

So did it get better?

No it didn’t… It was still slow, special on upstart, with up to 1 minute before everything was loaded. I should say that this is not any old shit machine I used. It was installed on a HP Envy, with 16gb ram.

I could not imagen that a new Windows version, on a relative new machine, 16gb should act like this, so after check all hardware, and got confirmed that all was ok, I did a factory reset.

The machine went back to 8,1 again, and it was quick, and didn’t have any problem. I install Microsoft office suite (Words, Excel and outlook)… Still worked whiteout any problem. Then I got Adobes Creative suite on (Photoshop, InDesigne and Dreamweaver) and its still worked perfect.

So for the test!!!

I made a new factory reset, then updated to Windows 10 direct, whiteout any other software installs. The upstart was little slower, but not any problem.

After that I install, same programs from Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative suite, the machine was again little slower than earlier. But after 1,5 weeks the machine have a upstart time on over 1 minute again.

Why, I don’t know…

But I know lots of other people have the same problem with Windows 10, I should also say, that this machine is used strictly for reading and writing articles, some Dreamweaver, mail and some web surf.

I do not download lots of program, have download Skype apart from the Office and Creative pack that was installed direct. I do not visit sites that could have any “shit” and I never click on any links if I’m not 100% sure its ok.

So is Windows 10 shit? I can’t say yes, because on some machine it work perfect, while me any many other have problem