Do Microsoft try to fool us to update to Windows 10

Microsoft next step to get us updating to Windows 10, this time for companies. Are only get more and more silly for every step the take, and the question is if Microsoft try to fool us with their latest attempt.

They have order one rapport from the research company Forrester Research to “find out” if Windows 10 is good or bad for any companies.

And I don’t think anybody are surprise that the rapport says, that if the companies update from windows 7 to windows 10 will benefit up to $405 per employer over 3 years

So… Is this a valid research?

Maybe it is, but how can anybody take this as a trustworthy and serious rapport, when Microsoft is the one that have order the rapport, AND pay for it

So how was the rapport done?

Forrester Research created a fictive company with 24.000 Windows units (computers and mobiles) divided on 20.000 employers.

For the fictive company, the cost would be 4,3 million dollars when updating, and the company would lower their cost with a total off 12,4 million dollars. And thereby gain 8,1 million dollars.

In 2012 Microsoft claimed that the support costs for Windows XP would be five times higher than with the newer Windows 7.

The saving, was mainly in Self-regarding distribution of applications, quicker system starts, better security, lower cost of third-party licenses and increased productivity for mobile workers by 25 percent

This numbers, Forrester Research have got by interviewed four Microsoft customers that have started to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

So what do this analysis tell us?

Well, not much. Nobody can explain where they get that the productivity will increased by 25 percent for mobile workers.

And the rapport also say that the loss of security problems, when updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will gain as much as 33 percent

Web Alvarez with many others do not take this report very credible, and think it looks more like a joy-calculation… From a research company that are paid by Microsoft