China have since 2014 created problems for Microsoft

It started in 2014 when the authorities in China banned the use of Windows 8. And a few months after the country launched an investigation against Microsoft regarding suspected competition infringement.

But Microsoft does not seem’s to give up that easy. And Microsoft has announced that they will release Windows 10 in China shortly.

Microsoft has developed a new special version of its operating system Windows 10. With this, they hope China will let Microsoft access the Chinese market again.

The version for the Chinese market has been developed in conjunction with the State-owned technology and security company China Electronics Technology Group Corp.

Zhuangongban is the name Microsoft have gave the version. It has already been tested on three big Chinese companies. Not many know what the actual difference are between the two versions.

But in a statement, from the Chinese authorities has said that some features have been removed. With this missing features, it should supposedly make Windows 10 more manageable and secure.

Is this right?

Depend on who you are asking. But with around 1.35 billion Chinese, around 20 percent of the world’s population they can dictate some terms.

But the question we must ask is why would this not be available for everybody else. Microsoft has for many years talking about the security and the importance of it. So if they now have made it safer to appease the Chinese government why don’t do it available for everybody.

Or do Microsoft don’t care about the safety as they say? And this is something they have done only to sell more. I would say that this is done only for one reason and that it to increase the sale. Microsoft is a company, and a market with almost 20 percent of the population, is too big to ignore.

So if we go back to the safety point. Why don’t release this version for everybody else? And we will get a safer system to work in.