Are Microsoft take us serious? I don’t think so

Microsoft has sent out an update package that will sort 24 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. so the question is…. Do Microsoft take us Serious

This is two months since Microsoft’s latest update of the browser Internet Explorer (IE) .

The new update paquete covers a large number of versions of IE (6 to 10) , which means that it affects both Windows XP, as Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft have previously only listed one of these weaknesses in the safety report that came out last week.

One of the most serious vulnerabilities allowed attackers to remotely execute malicious code – directed to unsuspecting IE users lured into visiting fake websites. If the attack is successful, the hacker then got the same rights as the user, which could have serious consequences if, for example, someone with administrator rights visited the fake page.