1 hour with Microsoft Support the get a simple thing sorted.

Like every support places, there are good people and bad people, and Microsoft Support is not different.

Yesterday I was in contact with Microsoft support to get my windows activated. Should not be any problem. But for some reason, I could not do it, either to use the product key. Or by calling and use the install ID.

After hours of agony, I gave up. The support was not yet open, so I put I message to let them call me. Did not expect any call but on exact the minute a person from Microsoft Support call.

The sad part of Microsoft Support

The problem seems to have occurred that the Windows version has been active on my old and broken iMac, under the software Parallels. I explain that for the person and inform her that it will not activate on my new iMac.

Parallels is a software for Mac that allows you to run Windows in a separate windows same time you run MacOS. To read more about Parallels Desktop for Mac, click here

The first question from “this person” was that if it still was installed on the other computer. Again, I explain that my old iMac was broken, and I bought a new one, and it wants activate on this.

I was told that I need to uninstall it from the old “and broken” iMac. Now I start to lose my temper. And I made it clear that if I repair the old machine, I would not need to install it on the new iMac, and would save 2800€.

The call was ended from Microsoft Supports end. And we all know that the calls, never breaks when everything is good, only when you have a problem that the support can’t or want to help you.

The good part of Microsoft Support

I called up again, and this time I was luckier… I explained what have happened and about the earlier call. The person leads me thru everything, and I got the same answer.

After a couple of question to confirm I was the rightful owner he cleared it on his end, then I could finally activate it.

So, don’t give up if you are unlucky on your first call. Not all the people working in support are the same.