But will Microsoft Team win the fight against slack?

Microsoft Team will work as a hub for people that operates in a team. It will give users access to content, tools, and opportunities to converse within the Office 365 environment.

The communication can take place in groups and subgroups, with text messaging, file sharing, video and voice. Little the same as slack.

The big question is whether Microsoft Teams can compete with Slack. According to the analyst, Michael Fauscette on Crowd means that Microsoft platforms have significant potential to be a success. But Slack are riding on a big popularity for the moment.

Microsoft Teams benefit from being part of Office 365, a cloud platform that is a credible option for many companies. It provides access to already known SharePoint, OneNote and Skype.

Will Microsoft Team be around in 5 years?

Microsoft had the chance to buy Slack, and the rumoured said the price was eight billion, but turn it down. Instead, they chose to develop it using their products; this proved how important this is for Microsoft.

If this was the right call, will only the future tell us?

So what’s the benefit with Microsoft Team

The first, and maybe the biggest advantage is Microsoft range and reputation among its customers. A recent study from the cloud broker Bitglass shows that Office 365 has been rolled out to 35 percent of all organisations.

Another advantage is that Microsoft Team integrations with Office 365. All Microsoft Office applications, Planner, Delve and Power Bi are all linked with Team. And, Team is free for business customers who already have subscriptions to Office 365 Support.

Are there anything that talks against Microsoft Team.

Yes, there is, this will not be a “walk in the park” for Microsoft. The biggest problem will be Slack’s head start they have over Team. Is estimated that 33 percent of all companies in the world have tried Slack And the growth rate is the highest for any cloud services.

Microsoft will have a hard time to convince businesses that already use Slack. Then you have the question. If you were already working with Office 365 and using Outlook, Yammer and Skype, do you need another tool?

If you want to know more about Microsoft Team, see the video below or visit the site here