Many people mean that Microsoft Pix is better than Apples own app for camera.

It could really be so that Microsoft’s new Camera app for iPhones and iPad, Microsoft Pix is a better choose then Appels own Camera App.

Microsoft have made a bold statement, and mean that their iOS App is the best one for any iPhone or/and iPad

There are no exposure controls, no HDR-specific mode, no settings whatsoever. Just point and shoot, and all the processing immediately.

Instead Microsoft Pix uses, what they call “artificial intelligence” to adjust all your settings to get the best possible photo.

So what can Microsoft Pix help you with.

I big problem, for any photographs, amateurs and also professionals and amateurs is when photos are taken to a lighter background.

Microsoft Pix detect that there are people, and automatic adjust the exposure and contrast on the shadow parts, to make a better photo.

This is done locally, direct in the App, so its not like earlier Apps, that do this things in the cloud later, when you tell them to do.

The app are taking photos when its open, even before you have start to push the button, in this way it can save the moment if you are to early or to late.

After you pushed the bottom, the Microsoft Pix choose the best image after some parameters, eyes open, subject smiling or maybe a cool pose.

The “always-shooting” system is also helping to reduce noise, it mashes up 10 frames to detect, and to get the lowest noise

So is the app only working for photo?

No of course you can use it for filming also. And Microsoft have built in their own hyperlapse to get a more stabilize images.

Hyperlaps are already existing for Androids and windows phone as one app, but now is available for iOS also, thru Pix.

So is this the perfect Camera App?

No is not…

But is a very good one, and It make you average photo better. Still there is some issues, e.g. on some photos you get better colors on iOS camera app.

And you do not have many settings, and different configuration possibility, its more or less “this is what you get”

For the moment the app is available on everything from iPhone 5S and iPad Air and up. And Microsoft have promise that soon they will also have app for Androids.

If you are a iPhone, or iPad user and interested in the app, click here