New version of Microsoft Explorer 9RC

Microsoft has released a new version of its popular Web browsers Internet Explorer 9RC and with this they take a big step towards to a final product.

With more than 25 million downloads of the first beta version, shows that there are a big interest, and Microsoft has worked hard on improving the browser.

With Internet Explorer 9 RC (Release Candidate), has all the features been ready and just bugs remain to be resolved. The finished version is expected to be launched during the Mix11 which takes place in April. It has been five months since the beta version was released and at that time the development team has made many changes.

Here are some of the biggest and most noteworthy.

  • Strong performance boost when running JavaScript, up to 35% against IE9 beta version.
  • Tabs can now be viewed on its own line instead of to the right of the address bar
  • Better control of ActiveX with separate settings for each Web site
  • Geolocation with GPS support
  • The function Tracking Protection improves the integrity and security
  • Native support for WebM Video
  • Several changes in the interface
  • Power management has improved and is integrated with Windows power settings
  • Improved support for Web standards, HTML5 and CSS

Tracking Protection is a new feature to give the user more security on the Internet and protecting personal privacy. This is done by including preventing sources from third parties from taking advantage of web history. These sources may include the ad system to display targeted ads to visitors to increase the chance that someone clicks.

Statistics from NetMarketShare shows that the Internet Explorer browser is steadily declining in the number of users for the benefit of Google Chrome that quickly grows on Microsoft’s expense. Since March 2010, all versions of Internet Explorer have lost a total of more than four percent, and Google Chrome has increased correspondingly.