Microsoft has searched through a bloggers’ Hotmail Account in search of information about Windows 8 leaks. It has come up in an FBI investigation in the same case.

When the company discovered that secret information about Windows 8 appeared on a French blog, the company started its own internal investigators within the department Trustworthy Computing Investigations, to find the leak.

After a tip it turned out that the blogger who published data using a Hotmail services for their mail and their direct messages.

The company scanned the bloggers Hotmail account and it shows that there was one employee in the Middle East who has leaked the information. The information led to his arrest during a visit to Microsoft’s hometown, Seattle.

That Microsoft itself, without seeking permission from the judiciary, has entered an individual user’s e- mail has created discussions. But it turns out that the company has had legally right for this.

According to the user agreement, Microsoft have right to accsess any user account, if information can led to protect the company and / or their clients.