Have you heard about Socl? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Socl is/was Microsoft’s try to compete with the biggest social media network, Facebook. But not many people have ever heard about the network, and even fewer have ever used it.

Microsoft started the network in 2011, and at this time Facebook was still young. And many thought that Socl would be a social network that actually could compete with already the giant Facebook.

But in the end, Microsoft got the same fate as many other Social Media Network has received over the years.

The service that had the URL So.cl presented as a network for consumption rather than communication and had students as the primary target.

But now is it over.

Microsoft has now decided to discontinue the project altogether, which still lived a modest existence in the periphery of the networks. In one article on one of many Microsoft blogs, they write that So.cl has been a great opportunity to express their creativity and a place for like-minded people to find support.

Why they choose to close down something that they say is so amazing they did not give us any good explanation for. In the same article, Microsoft also says that they have learned an invaluable lesson on what it takes to build and maintain a social network.

And it’s just the last thing about maintains the service that probably made Microsoft to decided to end Socl. It cost lots of money to maintain a network. And if there are not enough user it will not be justifiable economically.

So from today, in one week (15 of March) it’s over. And the service will be closed down and probably not missed by many.

Microsoft’s article was very short. But here is the link if you are interesting at the end of a social media you haven’t heard about