Have Microsoft decide to bury their web browser, Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is one of the most hated browsers when it comes to web developers. And rightly so. Earlier when we did websites, they had often problems with getting everything to work and look the same as on the other browsers.

This has gotten much better over the years. But IE still has a very bad reputation.

Now it has begun to circulate rumors that the next version of Windows. Called Windows 10 will have a new browser. That’s after a Microsoft Student Partner lead, mentioned on Twitter that next version of Windows 10 will have a new browser that would not carry the Internet Explorer name.

The new browser has so far only a codenamed “Spartan”. The question is now if it will be something that’s actually is new. Or it will be an upgrade of already existing Internet Explorer and some changes to the layout.

Or is it’s more of a rebranding then actually a new browser? I would think so and it’s actually make sense, as I said before Internet Explorer have a really poor reputation among developers. And that reputation is something they don’t deserve any longer, even if im not a fan of Internet Explorer I must admit that the later versions of Microsoft browser, is not bad.

Hoppely on Microsoft event the 21 of January in the company’s hometown of Redmond, Washington. Microsoft will reveal any news about this and mayby also some others interesting things we can hope.