Scandal at the NSA wiretap on Internet users is growing all the time

IT giant Microsoft has actively helped the intelligence agency NSA to bypass the company’s encryption to monitor chat applications on the portal

It has appeared from the documents leaked to the Guardian of the spy accused American Edward Snowden.

With the help of the FBI, Microsoft also gave access to a cloud-based storage service that had over 250 million users globally.

And the documents reveal that the NSA previously had access to Microsoft’s email programs like Hotmail when encryption is not stood in the way.

Also now Microsoft owned Skype cooperated with intelligence services to collect video and audio materials.

The monitoring of video calls intensified after 14 July last year, but even before that Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, the conditions for monitoring have been in place.

Technology expert Chris Soghoian at ACLU have told The Guardian that the new revelations will suprise many Skype users.

Skype has previously give positive promises to the users about their inability to make interceptions.

It was using a program called Prism that monitoring became possible. In a document NSA describing the program as a team sport, in which materials that were collected were divided between the FBI and CIA.

Already in June last year, was it revealed that U.S. intelligence claimed to have direct access to the system at Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

All big technology companies are now lobbying for the government to allow them to clarify the scope of cooperation with the NSA.

The latest leak will likely increase the tensions between tech Sillicon Valley and the Obama administration.

Microsoft and all other companies that are listed as sources of NSA documents, has denied any knowledge of the monitoring program, Microsoft announced that the company provides customer information only in response to the Government’s requirements and in unity with the legal process, and the only requirements relating to specific accounts or users.