Why are a meta descriptions so important?

Online competition is real and harsh. Therefore, if your website has managed to show up in searches, you should be getting fresh leads every single day. If this is not the case, there is one dominant tool you are not using to fuel traffic, and that is meta descriptions. If you have worked hard to ensure your site is visible on Google and yet things aren’t great, a meta description is the powerful marketing tool you aren’t indeed using.

A meta description can be termed as the summary of your webpage’s content. It is also referred to as a meta tag because its only tagged on the HTML and not present in the webpage. Meta tags are important because Google minds about user experience in a profound way. Therefore, meta descriptions give surfers a comprehensive idea of the content they will find on that particular webpage. Meta tags, therefore, help internet users to decide which, is the webpage that best matches their need.

A great meta description should then be appealing and descriptive. You should use a clever hook when writing it and a persuasive language as well. Writing a meta tag isn’t good enough because you need to write a good one. Otherwise, if you create one that is substandard, you will be throwing a golden marketing opportunity to the dogs.

How to create functional meta descriptions

Below are fantastic tips that will give you an idea of how to write functional meta descriptions. Nonetheless, the marketing approach you use will depend on the purpose of the meta tag. For instance, a meta tag for a product page is entirely different from that of a homepage. All the same, these tips will guide you through generating a killer copy.

  • Your meta tag should have 300-320 characters (since December 2017)
  • It should be unique from any other on your website
  • Utilize power words to make impact
  • Brand identity
  • Mention special offers and do not forget a call to action
  • Provide a resolution to an issue
  • Creativity is key
  • Do not expose everything

If something is worth doing, then it is wise to do it right. The above tips if executed correctly, they will give meaning to your keyword optimised content. Do not make the expensive mistake of posting content without meta description. Without this marketing tool, you will invariably weaken your web page’s potential to attract potential visitors. It is time for you to generate fresh leads daily like tomorrow does not exist with the help of excellent meta descriptions.