Will Selfie payment be the new verification for online payment?

MasterCard are beginning with a new technology that enables customers to use so-called selfie payment to accept payments made online.

The service are called Identity check mobile, but has quickly been renamed to selfie-payments by most of the people.

Most of us agree that the biggest problem we have with online payment, is security. And many banks and card companies already have some kind of authorization on your payment.

The most comment one is that a code are sent to your phone. But what’s happen if both your phone and card have been stolen?

Another, and more secure solution would be to have a password for the authorizations. But then we have another, to our already many pin codes and passwords we already have.

Have MasterCard now find the ultimate solutions?

MasterCard have start to use the fingerprint and selfie techniques authorizations one online payment. Selfie payment.

The system that’s called Identity check are only available in some country, and are expected to be get a global launch sometime next year.

It is primarily the service Selfie payment that has received the most attention since its launch.

In practice, it relies on you to take a self-portrait and then upload it to MasterCard’s servers via a dedicated app. MasterCard then creates a reference in the form of a digital map of your face.

To prevent someone using a printed photograph of your face. The system requires that you must flash your eyes before the transfer can be approved.

Nobody have not really answer the question what will happen with thus that have MasterCard, but not a phone that can take selfies. Or even more advanced, mobiles that can be used for fingerprints.

So will this put one end to all problems with online payments thefts. No it will not, but its definitive a step in right directions.

See on the short video to get a small explanation about.

Read more about Identity check on MasterCard’s website here