Could you be in search of a plugin that can complete the security job for your WordPress site as well as give you some piece of mind? The industry is flooded with all sorts of plugins that promise to offer security to your website among other things. However, very few plugins deliver this function, and it gets tough to decide which one is the best. For this reason, this article will focus on connecting you with the best fit for your WordPress site.

One of the most important things to do for your site is to ensure that security is guaranteed. Malcare is a security solution for any WordPress website. It is a one-click security plugin that features free and premium versions. This is the ideal remedy for your website’s security needs, and even with the free version, you can be able to keep track of your login protection and firewall logs as well as scan for malware. With the WordPress websites being a target for malicious applications and virus, it is essential to have a protection strategy in place, and you can never be wrong with Malcare.

How the Malcare works

One of the first things to do to acquire the protection of Malcare is to install the plugin. After that, you should activate it immediately to enjoy the features that come with it. Your email will be required to unlock some of the Malcare functions. Once you have completed the setup, you can be able to scan your site and enjoy the updated login protection and firewall logs. Here are the three major features that boost the functioning of this security plugin.

Malware scanner

The Malcare plugin automatically keeps track of your website’s activity every single day. However, for the malware scan, you will have to do this manually. You can scan your site any time after which you will receive a report on the state of your files. The malware scanner also records your last scan and therefore, it becomes easy to keep track of how frequent you perform the scan.

Login protection

This Malcare feature displays all the failed, successful and blocked login requests through a graph which s automatically updated. The history of your login requests can be accessed when you click the Login Protection Logs.


The firewall functions similar to the login protection. It tracks which visitors should be bypassed, allowed or blocked on your WordPress website. This data is automatically updated every single day. The Firewall Logs button contains more information about your website’s traffic request, for example, user agent, IP, method, response, path, and status.

As you can see from the information above, Malcare is the ultimate solution for any WordPress site’s security needs. All the above are available from the free version. However, in case you need advanced functionality, you can switch into the premium version. From these free features, you cannot agree more that Malcare is a must have security investment for every WordPress website.