While the launch of macOS 10.14 Mojave is getting closer, it’s important to enlighten yourself on what to expect when the OS is finally and officially released. First of all, it is important to note that the update will run on newer MacBook models free of charge. Therefore, if you own an older MacBook model, you will need to upgrade in order for you to enjoy all that comes with this new update. With that out of the way, we can now head straight to the new features that this new OS version brings to the table.

MacOS 10.14 Mojave features

Dark mode

With this update, Apple will introduce the Dark Mode feature system-wide. The feature will display on every 1st party program you have on your Mac. As a matter of fact, even Xcode will have a complete makeover with this update. This implies that extended programming sessions will now be more comfortable on your eyes. 3rd party programs will also be able to adopt the feature.

Gallery view

There is a new Gallery View on Finder that Apple has added with macOS Mojave. It will greatly help you to quickly browse through edit and annotate files.

It will be easy to access any file information on your mac with this new OS version. This is facilitated by the detailed metadata display that Apple added on the preview pane. Additionally, there is a Quick Actions feature on the Preview Pane that will allow you to work on the files without leaving Finder.

Markup in Screenshots and Quick Look

Quick Look helps you to easily and quickly look at files. However, it gets more efficient and quicker with macOS Mojave when using Markup to edit opened files in Quick Look. In addition, Markup is also integrated into Screenshots. It helps you to quickly access any screenshot and edit or zoom its content.

Additionally, it gets even easier and fun with Markup because you will have a new easy-to-use menu with screen recording tools. This way you can even capture animated content.


If you have been using Mac, you must be aware of the fact that your desktop can be cluttered during a busy day of work. With macOS Mojave however, you will love the Stacks feature which stacks similar files in order to ensure that your desktop is less cluttered.


MacOS will now have some essential apps from iOS thanks to macOS Mojave from Apple. You can now enjoy Voice Memos, Home, News and Stocks on Mac, thereby integrating you further into the Apple ecosystem.

New Mac app store

Apple will deliver a new Mac app store to Mac users through macOS Mojave. The app store will not only have an new elegant look but also allow you to easily browse through apps based on what you are in search of. 3rd party app developers like Adobe and Microsoft will also bring their apps to Mac App Store, cutting off the trouble of looking for those apps elsewhere.


If there is something Apple does not compromise, it’s your device’s security. With macOS Mojave, security is enhanced as more robust protection will be applied to your file system. The new OS version will shut down cookies that track your web activity. Therefore, cookies will have to ask for permission before accessing any of your browsing data.
These are some of the features that you should expect from macOS Mojave once it is launched on 24 September 2018. Therefore, the wait is actually almost over and you are about to enjoy the adventure that macOS Mojave is about to bring to your MacBook. Ensure that your device has 20GB hard drive space for a seamless installation and operation.

To read more about Mojave, visit Apples site here