Apple new Macbook Pro will not score many points on support

Apple’s new Macbook Pro is not for those who repair their own computer when is broken. Apple has made it almost impossible to repair by yourself, one theory is that Apple made its changes to the Macbook Pro to make AppleCare more appealing

Some examples are:

  • Memory circuits are stuck directly into the motherboard and can not be changed by the user.
  • The battery is glued.
  • The screen is impossible to even try to go after.

Some have already named it, as the worst computer in terms of repair. This is not good rating, and Apple has already received a lot of comments on this and more it will be.

Should a module fail, you can bet that there will be an expensive business if the guarantee does not cover it.

Changing the battery will cost about 199 euros at Apple.

Almost on all other laptops you only need to click the battery on the back and use a new in seconds, with the Macbook Pro you are force to send the computer or go to an Apple store.