With MX Master Logitech, have taken another step to the perfect mouse

The MX series from Logitech have always had good review. And with MX Master they have create a really masterpiece.

The new mouse came out already in August, but I have not had time to try it yet. So today when I open the box I was excited. And I must say that the mouse corresponding to all my expectations.

MX Master is shaped by the right hand. This makes the entire palm of the hand are resting comfortably on the mouse’s back while the thumb is at the correct angle. Unfortunately, this also means that the mouse is not suitable for left-handed.

MX Master is provided with five buttons and two wheels. At the top we find the usual left and right click buttons. Between them is a scroll wheel that automatically detects our use and switch between precision scrolling and fast scrolling.

On the left there you find the other wheel in the place of your thumbs. And that allows you to scroll horizontally as needed. Behind it we find the buttons to move us forward or backward.

Under there is the on/off switch, a connection button, a button to switch the connected device. This is one of the thing that get MX Master to stick out. This do that you can easily use it on different machine. I use it on both my Windows and Mac machine.

Then you have a really high-class sensor, so-called Darkfield sensor, which is close to one almost perfect reading of most of the different surfaces.

So, who should bye Logitech MX Master

I should say anybody. The mouse is as close to perfection as possible, as long you are right handed. And definitive people that spend hours in front of the computer.

The price for MX Master is around $80… Well is not the cheapest mouse on the market. But this is one of this time that you really can use the expression “you get what you pay for”.

WebAlvares.com rate this as 10 stars of 10 stars
It’s simply the best mouse on the market, therefore you also need to pay for it. But to be fair, if you like me, spending hours and hours in front of the computer what is $80? And still will last you many years

And a mouse like this will last you for many years…