Linux Pro searches

Are you at Linux Pro, and looking for a well-paid IT job with benefits?

Then you should go for Linux, according to a new rapport.

Linux Foundation and IT recruitment firm Dice are publishes a Linux Jobs Report every year, in which about 1,000 company recruiters and 4,000 Linux professionals surveyed to investigate the situation on the labor market for the Linux folks.

In the 2014 edition of the report, it is clear that Linux knowledge is highley requested, its also ensures a higher wages and more job benefits than other jobs in the same area…

Of those asked, 77% (73% last year) of the recruiters thats hiring a Linux talent is on “to-do list” for this year. And more than 90% of the hiring-managers plan to hire Linux pro of any kind the next six months.

The report also pointed out how difficult it is to find good Linux compentens. 90% of the managers mentioned that it was either “quite difficult” or “very difficult” to find experienced Linux experts.

Whe it comes to the Linux experts, are 75% claiming that they had been contacted by a recruiter for the past six months, and more than half had been approached six or more times.

The most search Linux competences are system administrators, application developers and system engineers.

Linux report also says that the Linux pros can expect higher wages and labor benefits (eg option to work remotely, paid training).

About a third of the companys said that they are willing to offer such incentives to attract pros, and 20% of Linux pros say that they have been offered such benefits from a prospective employer.