There are many Linux distributions out there that look like old Windows

If you are one of many people that don’t like changes, that Microsoft has done with Windows over their later versions. Then it may be time to try one of many different Linux distributions.

If you have any thought to leaving Windows and are interesting in Linux, I have listed some reason why you should give it a try.

But before you start to make any big changes. Almost all Linux distributions have something that calls “Live Disc”. And with a disc like this, its a fantastic way to try Linux before you taking your final decision.

Live Disc… Download and burn the live-disc-image to a CD/DVD. Restart the computer and chose to read from CD/DVD. One full working Linux system will load.

When you have, finish the testing. Take out the disc and restart… Your installed system will start again.

Linux also working on old computer

Linux system is not so demanding as Mac, and Windows system. So if you have one old machine. Then Linux is definitive for you. Computer with a small processor and only 2gb memory, no worries, Linux will work perfectly.

Linux is FREE to use

Most of the Linux distributions are free to use, both as a test version (live disc) or as one full installed system on your laptop or/and desktop.

The look is closer to Win XP and Win 7

Microsoft made a significant change to the look from XP and seven till Windows 8. Even if they went back a couple of step with Win 10, there are still many that are missing XP and 7. Linux distributions such as Feodora and Mint have a look close to the older Windows versions.

Drivers and software’s are not a problem

Linux has always had a reputation that they don’t have drivers and software for Windows and Mac. That’s not correct, and have never been. Of course, there is some hardware that doesn’t have drivers. But most of the things there are an original driver or a way around.

When it comes to software.

LibreOffice can replace Microsoft Office, and Photoshop with Gimp. Many would say that this is not as good as Microsoft or Adobes program. It’s nothing I will discuss here, but the fact is, the versions for Linux is more than enough for most of the people.

Its many other reason, both good and bad you should have in mind. But in the end is a very personally thing what you run on your laptop/desktop. But as I said… You can always try whiteout installing it first.