What happened to Linux?

I’ve been using Linux for more than 10 years, next to my Windows machine.

I was intruducerad to Linux by a friend, it was Debian that I started with.

But have also tried Mandrake, Red Hat, Suse, Ubunto and final trend I was back to Debian

I was sure that Linux would eventually take over as number one on the desktop.

But as I always have said… As long as Linux not have a graphic to installation process, they would Never operate successfully.

This has now been around for many years, and yet it is an insignificant proportion who use this as a desktop environment.

What is it then that speaks against this for home users, frankly, not much.

It’s free, loads of programs and games, free, and today all installation and common configuration is graphical.

Many of the free programs are good, frankly very good, but still lacking a bit in features to the really big programs such as Adobe suite for example. This is perhaps not the biggest problem, lack of drivers for various hardware is still lacking, many of the major hardware companies feel simply that it is important enough to spend time on Linux, of course, there are ways around this, but now we come to another level of expertise.

Another reason is that many people are using computers in school or work, and there is almost always Windows, and to a certain level also Mac.

Then we can ask us why it’s so, companies could save tons of money just on license costs.

It’s true, but all costs all around it, and that the really big programs has not that level many businesses need.

As long Linux can not find a way around this problem, and to get the hardware companies to invest in Linux, they will never come Never come somewhere on the homeusers computers.