Linus Torvalds is not afraid to say his opinions.

“The single worst company we’ve ever had to deal with” Was the words that Linus Torvalds used for Nvidia.

When he received price from the Millennium Technology Price in Finland, for his contributions to the Linux kernel.

But it dident finnish with this words… After the first meaning, he looked in to the camera and show finger and said “Nvidia, Fuck You!” with applause as a result.

Linus means that there is no other company that is so bad at documenting their products and to release their source code..

Torvalds has never been afraid to bite the hand that feeds him, or anyone for that matter. Despite the low level of cooperation by Nvidia, they are still a member of the Linux Foundation, that pays Linus salary.

Torvalds has also recently written a sulphurous post on Google + where he wonders what Gnome is doing.