For security reason, you should Leave Windows 7, NOW

Did you buy your latest Windows for eight years ago? If so, it’s time to start to prepare yourself to leave windows 7. We already know that Microsoft will only give support for another three years.

For once I agree with Microsoft. One operating system from 2009 can impossible meet the demands of today. And this can’t be any news to anyone.

But the biggest problem is security. The system is eight years old. And in this time lots of things has happened when we come into the security area.

Microsoft also think it’s time to leave Windows 7

Microsoft’s people have also started to condemn Windows 7. One of them is the German Windows-chief Markus Nitschke that said in a public statement.
– “Today, Windows 7 don’t meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high-security requirements from the IT departments.”

And I agree with them to 100 percent. But regarding updating to Windows 10 so have Microsoft lost all their credibility. After last year, when they try to do everything to get Windows 7 and 8 to upgrade to Windows 10.

And many still wonders why they were that eager to give Windows 10 for free. They even went so long that they try to fool user that haven’t upgraded, to click on update link.

So how serious is this?

I would say it should have very high priority. Everything on the web going very quick, and the leading software on your computer should not be eight years old.

It’s known that Windows 10 recently managed with the integrated security, Anniversary Update prevent two zero-day attacks. Without having to be patched, something that Windows 7 would never manage.

What’s the cost for this?

Companies need of course calculate on this, and the price can variate much from company to company. But it needs to be done in a 2-3 year anyway, so why don’t start now.

But for any private person, leave Windows 7 now, for your sake. The price for Windows 10 is not more than $119 for the home version. We talk about $0,35/day, and that is a low cost to have a secure system.