Do you re-use the same password on various websites?

Well…. This is not advisable as you can be subject to account hacking. There are many reasons why people re-use passwords, but the major one is to avoid forgetting many passwords for different websites. It is a challenge to remember numerous passwords and match them with their respective websites. If you can relate, then here is a solution for you. Password managers will relieve you of the burden of remembering passwords. A great password manager will even help you to generate passwords for various websites when signing up. It will assist you in managing and storing all complex, unique and long passwords as compared to your brain.

There are numerous password managers on the market today. Ironically, all of them promise top-notch service. This makes it hard to choose the best that can manage your passwords. With this guide, however, you will learn which is the best manager for your passwords and why. Meanwhile, below are some of the popular password managers on the market.

  • LastPass
  • Dashlane
  • RoboForm
  • KeePass
  • 1Password

Why LastPass is the best password manager

LastPass is among the popularly known and widely used Programs to manage passwords around the globe. It features numerous advanced features that boost its functionality. You get a top-notch experience from using this program as it enables you to assess your password quality. Additionally, this password manager helps you to edit your passwords to enhance their quality. One of the many reasons why people widely use LastPass is the fact that it is free on mobile and desktop. However, there is a premium LastPass version which is available at a competitive price. Nonetheless, you can still do without the extra features. Furthermore, this password manager is one of the best as it is easy to use.

The fact that it supports Windows Phones, iOS, Blackberry and Android devices enhances its usability all around the world. This program is perfect for reducing the friction between proper password management and the end user. Below are some of the many reasons why LastPass is the best password manager on the market today.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Password capture
  • Browser integration
  • Security alerts
  • Password changes
  • Export/ import
  • Security audits
  • Mobile application
  • Password sharing
  • Throwaway passwords

Just like any other password manager, you will be required to come up with a master password when using LastPass. This is the only thing that you will need to remember. As long as you have it, LastPass will handle all your accounts privacy and security.
This program will store your passcodes and passwords in encrypted foam and assist you to come up with secure random passwords.

Furthermore, it will provide a stronger interface as well as allow you to access your passwords across various smartphones, tablets, and computers quickly. Install it today and experience the difference when managing your passwords on multiple websites. LastPass is the ideal password manager you need in this digital world.