Law of a new Kill Button in all mobiles

law on a Kill Button in mobile phones is the latest law in California, which will affect suppliers from all over the world.

The new law, signed on Monday and intends mobiles manufactured and sold in the state after July 1 by 2015. Which all smart phones and personal computers must have a button that makes them unusable.

Although the law does not apply outside the state, its expected, that the new death buttons will also start to be installed in cell phoness will also be added to all devices as well other states of the United States and throughout the world.

The new law requires a system that an authorized user can trigger it and lock the device and make it unusable. The option is set up on the installation, but can be deactivated by the user and must pass attempts, for example, re-install an operating system.

Police should also be able to use the law to shut down the devices in situations that require court orders, e.g. such as the risk of death or serious bodily injury.

The law does not specify how the system should lock the phone, instead it put it back to the developer to sort their own system.

In June, the state of Minnesota a similar law, but does not require that the button should be enabled by default.