Apple Music add with James Corden have got lots of “shit”

James Corden, the host from “The Late Show” is very “in” for the moment. But with the new Apple Music add, both him and Apple have got lots of negative reviews.

Many mean that with Apples budget for advertising and marketing, they should have done something much better. I personally like it, it’s one of this add you don’t stop looking on it. And that is the whole point with adds.

How many time have you not only turn of, change channel or left when commercial have start? Of course, there could be some effects, or anything else that people would think was cool.

But we are talking about a music streaming platform. And its not to much you can do, so why not keep it simple

James Corden are in a meeting with Apple executives Jimmy Iovine, Eddy Cue and Bozoma Saint John and do some brainstorming. And idea after idea from him are only getting more and more stupid.

Have a look, and feel free to comment, I like it and I think Apple have got a “hit in this. Even if it don’t will get me to leave Spotify for Apple Music… At least not yet.

For you that still not have give Apple Music a try, click here