Most of us that have a IT work, have also a big interest in the area.

I have also said that if you have a IT work, you also need to be have a very big interest of it. It’s not a normal 8 to 5 work.

Everything about IT is changes so quick, so there is no time to sit back and think, “I know this” you need to keep you up to date.

I have been interest in IT since I was 14 years, and I bought my first computer when I was 15, that was 33 years ago.

I remember, direct when I came home from school, I went straight on the computer, then parents call for dinner, went down eating, and back to the computer, till it was time for bed… Every day.

Since then we have gone from sitting and playing around in Microsoft dos and visual basic, till doing almost everything on our computers, tablets or mobiles.

So why are IT work not a normal job.

I working full time as web developer, and to do my work, it’s not enough to do the normal 8 hours work, 5 days a week.

Normally we all work more than 40 hours a week, but a part from that, we need to keep us up to date about the things we working with.

And for this, we need to have a big interest in what we are doing.

When many people coming home after work, and don’t think, talk or read anything about what they doing, many of us IT people, playing around with new software, hardware or reading articles about IT.

When you speak to people you can almost always hear if they are interesting in their work, depending how updated they are.

To ending this article… I don’t think in any way, that working with IT is harder, or more difficult than other jobs, I’m sure that there are other people that also have very big interest in their work.

This is my thoughts about the IT work, and if I have offended anybody, then im sorry, as this was no my intention.