Good things happened 2016, but there was some IT mistake.

2016 have been an exciting year. We have had some greats news over the year. But as usual, there has also been IT mistake, smaller, bigger and some fun ones.


Many time Apple have surprised us with something new, or one update of their actual things that have surprised us.

But this year they have not been any “wow” from them. Update to their MacBook and Mac Air was a disappointment. It did not help that Microsoft have a great year.


Microsoft has had a busy year, with everything from rice and roses.

It started with one announcement that they will start to work with open source, and Linux will be included. This is something that has welcomed with open arms by everybody. Well, there are for sure some extreme Linux user that aren’t too happy.

IT Mistake in year 2016 - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Apple - IT mistakeThen we got the released of Microsoft Surface Studio. It’s still only available in the USA. And there are already rapports that some Mac users have and will leave Mac for this “super computer.” And apart from the high price, everybody that have tried it is over the moon with it.

So, what about IT mistake? Yes, Microsoft has one of them also…
When Microsoft released its chatbot, Tay frees on Twitter to learn to talk and interact with the users.

It worked, but it was not really as planned. After just a few hours, Tay claimed that the Holocaust of Jews was fictional. And it also said that it supported genocide. Microsoft has no other way out then take down the little “Nazi chatbot.”


winner it mistakeIt must be the biggest IT mistake of the year. I don’t think anybody missed this one. Samsung Note 7 that should take Samsung to new higher levels ended in a fiasco that assumed to cost Samsung 16,5 billion US-Dollar.

Phones started to Exploding, and Samsung temporarily stopped the sale. But the problems escalated and ended up a full-scale recall of all Note 7 mobiles. But the problem was not resolved by this. Samsung starts to replaced Note 7, and even this ones to catch fire and the production was completely stopped. Read more about it in my earlier post here

And some fun IT Mistake

Kanye West’s crusade against Pirate Bay did not finish as he imagined

Kanye West was furious when his album The Life of Pablo ended up in the top most pirated album on The Pirate Bay and connected the lawyers. But at the same time, when he put up a picture on his computer to Twitter, showing what music he listened to, he forgot that the tabs in the browser showing The Pirate Bay. And it’s difficult to accuse people use Pirate Bay when you use it by yourself.

Car theft that looked himself in the car!

The person was probably quite satisfied with himself when he falls in sleep in the BMW he had stolen. But when he was asleep, the police could track the car, and look it on distance.
The thief needed to wait for the police to come. And instead of a new BMW, it ended with a prosecution for carjacking and drug possession