The European ISPs do not need to store any user data

The Swedish ISP, Bahnhof refused to disclose user data to the police because the meant that it was not any serious crime. For that, they were threatened with millions in fines from the Swedish government

It was the start of a long battle in the EU Court between the ISP, Bahnhof and the Swedish police. In December after many years of dispute, the Court have announced that Bahnhof has right.

And now we see the first effect from court decision

Internet operator Bahnhof will ultimately stop saving any user data. Apart from the thing that will need to be kept for technical reasons. However, this data will also get removed after 24 hours.

Bahnhof’s decision to erase all user data. A great victory for all those who fought against the surveillance society and for privacy said Jon Karlung, CEO of the company.

Jon Karlun also says it is right decision from the European Court and argue that it is not up to the operator to conduct policing.

Bahnhof CEO sees the EU court order as a great victory. But he is bothered, and confident that it will not take long before there are new rules for data storage.

But this also create a problem!

Of course, there would be much difficult for the police when it comes to Law Enforcement. So the question is where we draw the line.

And it’s a difficult question, in one corner we have the regular user. And why should anybody have right to read our emails, and see what we have done on the web?

In the other corner, we have the police. And when they say that the law enforcement will be harder, they are right.

The police also make a valid point when they stated that many persons, dealing with child porn had been arrested only because of the right to the user data.

So do you think the police should have right to yours and everybody else’s user data if it could help stopping crimes?