Are iOS bad, compare with Android?

Appel has always said that software that is integrated with the hardware provides a much more stable product, but in a test, it turns out to be completely false in this case.

It has long been a widespread belief that Android is messy and buggy, and that Apple’s iOS is secure and reliable. But this is an idea of the past according to a new new report.

It is the site Crittercism who have gone through the two operating systems and this is what they concluded: Apple’s iOS 7.1 is the most stable version of iOS ever. Brilliant review – But is not the best in comparison to Google’s Android.

Crittericsm, has in their study analyzed an incredible 30 000 queries per second from over a billion mobile users – for a month. So what did they found? iOS 6 crashed in 2.5 percent of the cases. This was improved with iOS 7 (2.1 percent) and in the new version 7.1 the crash rate went down to 1.6 percent.

It may not sound like much – and its not. But their worst rival, Google’s Android operating system show lower numbers. The version Gingerbread (2.3) had a crash rate of 1.7 percent and since version 4.0 and newer its down to 0.7 percent. So its means that Apple’s latest operating system crashes more than twice as often as the newer Androidversionerna.

If you want to read the entire raporten, it can be download here