Apples system, iOS have now passed Linux as used OS

In late 2004, the first version of Ubunto came and it have graphical interface, and Linux passed iOS. But after the the hype, so have no Apples iOS passed Linux again.

Linux began to grow, got more and more users, but it never went that big as I thought it should be. And now, many years after has the OS for Apple iPad passed Linux all distribution in less then one year

As I’ve written before, Windows 7 is the most widely used OS in the U.S. by 32%, followed by 31% for Windows Xp, Windows Vista, with 19% and Apple Mac X by nearly 15%
Linux has only 0.7% and is then passed by the OS for iPad with 1.20%. Another thing we should have in mind, is that the IOS is only used by iPad (mobiles are not included) while the other OS is used on both laptops and desktops