Internet Explorer problem continue to make problem for users

Internet Explorer problem continues. Last month a serious security hole that affects all versions was highlighted.

A hacker can through the security hole take control over your computer just by planting malicious code on a website that you visit.

The security hole has been known by hackers several months and active attacks carried out at the moment on the web.

Friday, Microsoft announced a bug fix that close the security hole will be released on Tuesday in conjunction with the company’s monthly updates for various programs.

Microsoft confirmed the security hole allready the 17 September and first 3 weeks later releasing the bug fix for this.

I have many times before I said that people should stop using IE, both Firefox and Chrome are better options, and when a such serius secyrity hole are detected and Microsoft did not bother to get this bug fix ut before 3 weeks after, its only sending signals that they do not care.