Why You Should be Keen on Number of WordPress Plugin Installed and Activated on your Site

Do you find, fun in having too many plugin that solve specific issues in your WordPress site? With 54,000+ free plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory to choose from, you can easily feel like a child in candy stores. However, before installing too many plugins on your site, it is wise to find out if they affect the performance of your WordPress site.

Plugins require resources to operate. Therefore, installing too many of them will impact your site’s performance. Nonetheless, your worry should be whether the impact is significant or not. To answer this question, here are some WordPress Plugin and how they affect WordPress performance. There are also a safty aspect to think about, but this I have wrote about in a earlier artcle, read here

Contact form plugins

A contact form plugin is one of the common features you will find on a website. The Contact Form 7 is the popularly used option in WordPress. The effect of this plugin has no significant impact on the speed of your site. This is considering that well-coded contact forms should only have an effect on the page they are displayed on.

E-commerce plugins

This is a plugin category that is one of the most interesting. It adds a bunch of functionality on WordPress and therefore, you should expect a significant impact on the site’s performance once it is installed. Woo-commerce is one of the popularly used e-commerce plugins on WordPress.

Security plugins

The wordfence plugin is one of the commonly used security plugins on WordPress due to its all in one package. With the features that come with it, this plugin is resource –heavy. Therefore, it affects the performance of your site. However, the effect is negligible.

Search engine optimisation plugins

Search Engine Optimization is among the effective ways to increase search ranking over the internet. This is why you will need an SEO plugin on your website. Yoast SEO Plugin is one of the commonly used on WordPress. Being a comprehensive tool, this plugin operates on every front end page virtually on your site. Due to its functionality richness, this plugin has a significant impact on website performance.

Backup plugins

For most WordPress sites, back up plugins are a necessity. However, you might not need this plugin category if your host provides automatic backups. Unlike other plugins like the security category, back up plugins do not run in the background. This is because backups are scheduled, or you can restore your site. This implies that this plugin category does not hugely impact website performance.
From the above information, you can tell that even if a high number of plugins affect WordPress performance, this is hugely determined by the type of plugin you install.

Potential issues you are likely to face with too many WordPress plugin installed.

Depending on how many plugins are active, which ones you have installed, their coding, and their purpose, here are some of the issues you can face.

  • Website crash
  • Security Breaches
  • Page speed and performance
  • Reliability issues
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WordPress sites can run without plugins, but plugins enhance the functionality of your site. It is, therefore, simple to experience the excitement of having a WordPress Plugin. However, since they require resources, install plugins that use reasonable resource amounts. The plugin type you install has a significant impact than the number of plugins activated.