Instagram Stories, what is that?

Instagram Stories have been around for little more than one month now.

So what is this? Are we using Instagram Stories? Are this only a way for Instagram to try to steel users from Snapchat Stories?

Instagram Stories allows you to take photos and videos in full screen mode, which are then added to your personal story. Then people that following you can see photos and/or videos in your story. And “surprising” its disappears after 24 hours.

So what are the difference between Instagram Stories and snapchats version?

Not many… Facebook own Instagram actually try to buy Snapchat, but did not succeed. And instead of try to come up with something new, they have more or less use the ides from their competition.

Snapchat is more closed than Instagram, and you do not need to put too much thought to your photos. While in Instagram, your photos is there, and you don’t want to publish whatever.

Its probably why many of the younger user have snapchat as the main photo publisher app.

The filter in Snapchat are more, and my opinion, more childish then the fewer ones in Instagram. That may also be one of the reason that many of the older users don’t really get the whole point with Snapchat.

And the list could have been made longer, in short I would say that Instagram have more or less copy everything from snapchat and made, not so good twist on couple of the things.

So who will be the winner of this fight?

I think you can so none, or both. I can’t see that Instagram will take users from Snapchat only because they have something similar. And Instagram will not lose any user to Snapchat, it’s simple 2 different groups.

Personally I do not see any meaning with Instagram Stories. I’m not the biggest user of Instagram, even if I use it regularly, I do not have more than 170 followers, and I follow around 150. And nobody of them seams to use it.