Why Instagram Should be One of Your Business Marketing Platforms

Have you ever thought of using Instagram to promote your business? Perhaps you should entertain the thought as there are hundreds of millions of users on this platform every month. Therefore, the potential offered by Instagram is mind-blowing. As though this is not enough, there are techniques and methods available which make marketing simple and effective. These methods are easy to execute and implement. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider marketing your business on Instagram.

Reasons why you should use Instagram for marketing purposes

Boosts customer participation

You should first concentrate on creating a reasonable amount of followers on Instagram for great exposure before marketing. Once you do this, you can then encourage your clients to participate and exchange feedback regarding your products/services. You can also request them to use their photos and share their experience with your products/services using a hashtag. This gives your business massive exposure and brand awareness. Additionally, their friends will soon become your customers as they trust them.

Trust building

Online experiences can successfully take away human faces from business interactions. For businesses that seek to build trust, this is discouraging. However, with Instagram, you can put a face and a personality behind your business. In ways that are targetable, this goes a long way in building confidence and trust. You need to learn a few things about this platform, and you will quickly reinforce or build trust with customers. Your efforts will then generate happy clients and more sales. Make sure you post fun images occasionally and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Special events promotion

Do you have plans to attend or host a charity event? Or are you attending a trade show or a thing like that? Use Instagram to promote this, and you will inevitably draw interest and attention from a lot of people as you purpose to attend. After the event, document those moments with fun and cool photo shares on the same platform. Since people hate being left out, next time they will want to attend to your shows and experience the fun in person.


Instagram is a place that gives room for creativity. This way, you can show your customers how you come up with the products they use. You can also share sneak peaks of products you are about to release as well as menu items. With creativity, you can generate content that your customers will love but could not have seen it, if it were not for this platform.

The audience is always engaged.

Facebook is a popular social platform, actually, the most popular. However, Instagram, on the other hand, has followers who are very active in engaging and sharing content. Studies from top brands show that they are witnessing 4.21% engagement rate on this platform. With such a figure you can bravely say that Instagram is the leading social media platform regarding engagement.

Visual content dominates

People on social media crave visual content. This is true if you think of the million posts you have scrolled past and then suddenly stopped at a video or photo on your feeds. For social media presence optimisation and business marketing, visual content is one of the most effective and essential components.

Other reasons why you should use Instagram for marketing include;

• The platform drives sales
• Numerous people spend time on Instagram
• It encourages creativity
• Allows you to leverage user-generated content
• There are chances to go viral
• Ensures your name is in conversation
• You can build a business personality
• Pictures are worth thousands of words

Are you sure you require more reasons to use Instagram as a marketing platform for your business? This social media platform is a real asset for business growth. Take action and take advantage of it and you will enjoy the conversions and the potential of the platform.