It was infected security cams to blame for the big DDoS attack last week

The 18 of October I was writing about the virus Mirai. The virus that mainly is found on infected security cams and other gadgets that come with already weak passwords.

I finished that article with “Only the future will show us…“And it seems that the future is here now. It’s now confirmed that the big DDoS attack on Friday the 21 of October as one attack with help from Mirai. (Read article here)

This time, the US DNS provider, Dyn was the target.

Many big sites include Twitter, Spotify, GitHub and Amazon and even some government Web sites, e.g. the Swedish was affected by the attack. Total 1200 domain name was blocked during the time of the attack.

This attack was from a botnet of between 5000 to 10000 iot-units, also called web gadgets.

So who’s to blame?

The Chinese company Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology acknowledges that there was a vulnerability in their security cameras that were a large part in this attack.

And as usually it’s because of a week and not changed preinstalled passwords

So, can we now agree that the responsible for this attack was the Chinese company? No, we cannot blame them…

It is and has always been the users responsible for changing the password. Almost all iot units come with a week password. But so far I have never seen any instruction that doesn’t tell you to modify the password.

But most of us simply don’t care, and that is very unreasonable. It seems that it do not matter how many times people get warned about this.

So how shall we do to solve this problem? It’s very easy.

You buy your iot unit, you install it, make configuration if needed, and you change the password.