Yes, there are Infected Mac computer out there!

For all these people that that think that there nothing like infected Mac computer, are very naive or stupid.

It’s often said that there is no virus on Mac computers. It a simple rule, everything you can look you can unlock.

So what is it now?

Security people have found a Trojan that can start the webcam and record you. This is nothing new, but up to now, it has only been Windows machines that have been infected.

This kind of Trojans has not been as productive on the Mac before.

Apple computers have a green light that glows when the built-in webcam starts. And that have to make it harder to spy on users covertly.

The new Trojan for Mac is little different from the Trojan for Windows machines. Trojan for Windows is activated and recording, whenever the creator of the Trojan.

The one for Mac is not “that effective”. Because of the green light when the webcam is active. The Trojan for Mac waits until you voluntarily start the webcam, for example, talk to someone on Skype or FaceTime.

So you are not being filmed while you are not aware of it. But on the other hand, so can anyone listen in on the conversations.

So how do you protect you?

There are not many virus for Mac’s. And the simple explanation for that is probably that is not profitable for the people create a virus for Mac. Windows still have too big of the computer market.

But even if there are fewer, you still need to protect you. As always you should be careful when you open any attach the file, or click on links.

If you think you are infected, there is a free program, called Oversight, download it here

Monitoring, control wish program that wants to have access to your webcam. It’s activated in the background.

So when you are on Skype or FaceTime, and another application tries to get access to your webcam and microphone.