2016 was a return to the classic spam email.

Spam mail has the latest years showing a down-going trend. But last year our mail in our inbox had an increased of spam with 200 percent.

Cisco’s annual report on cyber security says it sent 3,000 spam emails per second in 2016. Compared with “only” 1000 spam emails per second by 2015.

Among the companies surveyed in the report comprised 65 percent of total email-harvesting.

What is spam mail?

Many think that spam mail is the same as malware. That is not correct, in fact, it was only 8 percent of all spam that ha malware. It still many mails because of the total amount of emails.

This creates big costs for any company. And many companies calculate that 10-15 minute is lost every day, for each employer only to check and delete this mail.

To this, it’s also needed to add the time for tech guys that need to try to control this. And if unlucky, sort out a computer that got infected because of mail with malware.

Off the 8 percent with malware, 2 percent was lead to infected computers. And it does not sound like a problem. But if we count on it, we are talking about almost five computers got infected every second from emails.

As I wrote, is far off all spam mail that has any malware. Most of the spam emails are of commercial nature. In other words, link to one or more online shops that you have not signed up for.

So what will happen this year?

We can only hope that it goes down. At least to the level, it was on 2015. The only thing we know for sure, that it will not disappear totally. As long we use email, we will receive spam mail in our inbox.

If you want to download the full 110 page, security rapport from Cisco, you must sign up on their site. But it well worth it, as the rapport include much more than emails information.