Online gaming Is one of the fastest growing trends.

It is one of the many amusements people are enjoying regardless of their age. The games can be played by many people in a network. Online gaming comes with advantages and disadvantages. With this in mind, it is not advisable to keep gaming off totally from the minors. Nonetheless, the time and resources they spend in this activity should be moderated. There are various games that people can play online. They include; adventure games, action games, and puzzle games among others.

Ease of access to online gaming

One of the things that have promoted online gaming is its ease of access. With the World Wide Web expansion, online gaming is one of the best and popular ways that people engage in to comfort themselves after a long day at work. Adults and children can both access these games through their mobile phones.

This is actually how most people start engaging in this activity. Since mobile phones are available at home, children can borrow their parents and elder siblings. As a matter of fact, children nowadays have their phones, making these games easily accessible.

Another thing that eases access to this activity is the availability of hundreds of free online games. The internet has lots of games that can be easily downloaded without spending a dime on them. This way, children can play the games without your knowledge because they do not need to ask you for money.

Online gaming addiction

There are lots of advantages that come with this activity for both adults and children. However, you should not overlook the side effects that come with the practice. Addiction is one of the major drawbacks associated with online gaming. It has seriously affected children both mentally and physically.

This is in the fact that the minors spend quality time sitting in front of screens playing the games without resting, eating or studying. To make matters worse, it can make children engage in crime just to earn money for premium game offers. Both minors and adults spend their long-term savings to feed their online gaming addiction.

What makes this activity risky and unsafe is the fact that it is a gambling platform. It is not only children who suffer from online gaming addiction as adults too start gambling via online gaming. The apparent gambling and playing effect is crime or violence. This is not only dangerous to individuals or families but also to the society at large.

Advantages of online games

• Enhances problem-solving skills
• Improves coordination
• Enhances attention and concentration
• Enhances memory
• Promotes high brain speed
• An incredible learning source
• Boosts multitasking skills
• Enhances social skills

Disadvantages of online games

• Addiction
• Negatively affects relationships
• Less focus on things that matter like studying and physical activity
• Health issues like visual and backbone problems
• Violence and crime
• Exposure to inappropriate online material especially to children

Online gaming is not entirely wrong as it is an enjoyable way of spending free time. However, players need to practice self-control when engaging in this practice. Avoiding addiction and overindulgence is one of the ways of making online gaming beneficial. Players should also familiarize themselves with the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming before engaging in it.