Steve Jobs have some great ides

But not everything that came from Steve Jobs was used, and I think we should be happy for that.

Apple legendary iMac that was released in 1998, and was closed to get the name MacMan.

Steve Jobs gathered some of his closest to show the new the computer and at the same time he gave them the task to finding a name for your computer.

He informed them, that they had already a name, “MacMan” that he was pleased with, but Jobs wanted to see if anybody could outdo that name.

It was Kevin Segall, the man who among other things, was behind Apple’s “Think Different” concept, which finally came up with the name iMac.

Steve Jobs was not particularly fond of the name of the iMac, but after some persuasion and he saw the name on the computer so he finnerly agree with the name change.

And that was lucky… if not maybe Iphone would be called PhoneMan, and worse Ipad be called PadMan.