Will the new iMac Pro make the pro users happy again?

Apple has received a lot of criticism for losing focus on professional users. The new iMac Pro that presented earlier this week shall change this.

But we all know, if it’s an Apple computer, it always cost some extra, and with this, there is not any difference. The price starts at 4999 dollars.

So what are the specs for iMac Pro?

The computer 32 GB ram that can be configurable with up to 128GB of RAM. Equipped with 4TB of SSD storage. The Xeon processor can contain as many as 18 cores. The 27-inch 5K screen is powered by Radeon Vega Pro graphics processor that has up to 16GB of memory.

Apple has always designed in minds on their things, and with this, there is not any difference. iMac Pro comes in space grey tone, and so does the keyboard and mouse.

So why a computer on this level?

Apple has for some time now get criticism because they have forgotten their pro costumes. End of last year Microsoft released their Surface Pro, and there have been rapports that some pro users have left Apple and moved over to Microsofts Surface Pro.

Already for a couple of months ago, Apple disclosed their plans to make significant investments in the Mac desktop iMac. Then we have already heard critical voices around the Macbook models launched autumn 2016. They were not considered to be robust enough for more technically demanding tasks such as film editing and CAD drawings.

But with this machine, it should cover at least 99 percent of the Pro users needs. But they need to wait until the end of this year. iMac Pro will not be released until November 2017.

We will see if Apple will keep this deadline, they are little of infamous to don’t do that.