I really start to wounder… Is the human race that fu##ing stupid.

I dont know how many time I have said this, but when it comes to security on web, the human race are stupid…

Every now and then we get news that some big company have been hacked, with result of lots of password have been released.

Now it have happen again, this time it was Yahoo.

I know its very very very difficult to protect your self to this people, it almost always feel like they are one or two steps in front of you.

I say it AGAIN…

Password should have a mix of small letters, big letters and at least one number and one sign and not less then 8 character.

The hackergroup published the list with over 450k and of this there was 2295 that used the really powerfull password “12345,”.

Another classic one was “password” that was used 780 times, can only say scary, and VERY stupid

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