How many time have we heard the question? How much for a web page?

I don’t think any of us web-developer haven’t heard the question – how much for a web page? And if simple one of these questions that can’t be answered with a 100% accurate answer.

A question like this is the same as asking – how much for a car? The price is, of course, different from a 20 years old Skoda to a new Mercedez Benz to mention one example.

Many developers use to answer – what do you want to have? Only to get a response like – oh, only something small and simple.

My replay is always – how much do you want to pay?

There are not any real answer to, – How much for a web page?

Everything depends on what you need and what you intend to do with the web page once it’s ready. Another thing that needs to have in mind, if there need to be bought any licence for the web page.

Still, when you have explained this for the costumer, there are still few of them that answer, no only a little web page. The fact is that the size of your web page is, of course, an essential factor.

So what factors set the price?

There is, of course, the design part, but apart from that, there are many things that matter. As I mentioned earlier, is there any need to buy any licence. Then you have some content to add, and there you need to know how much text (and pages). Images, (not for the design) are they sorted for the web? It can be time-consuming to sort images; I once got 50+ images to add; all photos were direct from a DSL camera. And the client wanted me to sort it, that increased the price in this case with 20%. But here you need to get full information before you give an estimate if many images should be added to the content. Will there be any forms (e.g. contact form). How much SEO, should be done (Your part should always be done in the right way when it comes to SEO. But some clients want to have extra SEO done. Will the web page be prepared for the client to update by them self? And the list can go on and on.

So the simple answer to – how much for a web page? It is impossible to answer before you have ALL THE FACTS.