Just have a costumer that lost his domain… Thanks to Hostmonster.

To start with… Hostmonster is not worse then any other hosing company, but this

This is not the first time, and it will not be the last time either. I always recommend people to buy their domain separately.

All this cheep hosting company have almost a domain included in the yearly cost.

Wwell that’s nice, but whats happen if you not satisfied with the hosting, and want to move.

Then is when the problem starts…

You have pay for its and you should therfor be the owner of the domain, and you are. But if you want to move, for exempel to GoDaddy domain-account, is when the problem starts.

This client have been in contact with HostMonster 4 times (with 4 different people) and sent 3 mails whiteout any solution.

Every time he got told this and that, not helpful at all.

It should be said he have been with hostmosnster 4 years, and they have always been helpful when needed.

But as soon he dident want to renew and get hold of his domain it was like he was in a totally different company.

So now my client has one .es instead of a .com domain, and one thing for sure, he will never do this mistake again.

And either should you, for the cost of 7-12€/year is not worth to take the risk.

Note: All hosting-company is not bad, but hostmonster did a similar thing to me, so they have proved that’s is NOT a company that can be trusted…

So always by your domain separate