When it comes to hosting, there are all kinds of companies

To get a hosting for your website is not expensive any longer. But to find the right one is still difficult. It is little of a jungle on the hosting market. And everybody promises that just them are best.

This is a multi-billion industry. Only in the USA, it generates 16 billion dollars, and it’s growing, 10 percent per year.

A hosting is available from $3.50-3.90 a month and to this price is always a shared hosting, if you go to your own VPS or dedicated server the price don’t have any limit

So what is the difference between the different hosting packs?

Shared: Means that your website is sharing space on a server with potentially hundreds – or even thousands – of other websites.

VPS: A server that divided into accounts, where every account has their settings. The overall CPU time and memory shared across all accounts on the machine. But the resources are dedicated to each account. Design Your Perfect VPS – $5/mo!
Hosting, the good, the bad and the ugly - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Web & Internet - Hosting

Dedicated Server: You don’t share anything with anybody, the machine is you. You have full control and can do whatever you want, as long you follow the hosting company’s rules.

So what Hosting shall I choose?

It depends on what your needs you have, but for the most people a shared solution is enough. It is the most economical choice and also the one that can give you more problem than the other options.

But for the price this is in most of the case what you should choose. With almost all packs, you also get a free domain, but I recommend you to buy that separate in case you want to move.

If you have purchased your domain from a domain reseller, e.g. GoDaddy. In this way, you will never be attached to a hosting you not happy.

So why are not shared hosting anything you should use?

I have never said that, in fact, you can have your website on a shared hosting whiteout any problem at all.

But I still always recommend companies to go for at least VPS. In this way, nobody can create an issue for the company’s web site.

The biggest reason for this is, with a VPN or dedicated server you always get your unique IP. It’s something you never get with shared hosting.

And with a unique IP, you will never get blacklisted because somebody else has one infected website, sending out mail. Your web seat will suddenly not going slow because another site uses lots of bandwidths.

So what hosting company shall I use?

I quick search on Google will give you lots of hits. But I can only recommend one. I have been with A2 3,5 years now and never had any problem.

Hosting, the good, the bad and the ugly - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Web & Internet - HostingHosting, the good, the bad and the ugly - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Web & Internet - Hosting

The few time I have been in contact with their support, I always have got a right and quick answer. And have staff working 24/7, so the servers don’t have problems, because of a single user.

A2 have many different packages.

Before I ended up with A2, I have been with DreamHost, HostMonster, JustHost and GoDaddy. With all I had problem, more or less, problems I never have had with A”