Very often Hosting Company make our live to a living hell

If you want to start a blog or make a simple website, then you will need to set up your own server, or contact a hosting company.

Dont get fooled of all the fine offers from the hosting company. Almost all of them offer you free domain with the hosting, well thats nice, till you get problem.

Imagen your a website get popular and start to generate lots of traffic.

Then your hostingcompany start to screw you up, and belive me, in most cases is not “if” is “when”.

Then you only have two option, and non of them is good.

You move to another hosting company and lose your URL (domain name) and need to start from scratch or you open up a new hosting and put a note that you have moved, that will result in lost of traffic and double cost.

The sad thing is, in almost all the cases where you bought domain with your hosting you will hardly get the help from support that you have paid fore, they simpley know that you don’t have anything to bargain with.

But if you have your name bought separate they know that you simple can redirect this domain to ANY hosting and then its a totaly different case.

Ok, what will this cost you extra… Price of a domain is normally between $5-12 / year.

There is lots of provider that sells domain, I always recommend GoDaddy, simpley because I always have work with them, and never have any problem with this Company

I would like to pointed out, NOT all hosting company is bad, and mayby you will never get any problem, but honestley, would you liketo take that chance for the price of $5-12 / year